Dear Friend,

Every time I go to the ocean (which is often) it's always different. Some days it’s as smooth as glass, and other days the waves crash so hard you can feel the ground shake. Each new wave that washes up is a fresh reminder that the ocean is a fragile ecosystem that we need to protect.

Did you know, for example, that the average plastic shopping bag is used for just 11 minutes? And after you throw it out, that very same plastic bag lasts almost forever in the ocean—or worse yet— in the digestive tract of sea animals.

Because I live in an ocean community that's wall-to-wall people during the summer, it's not hard to see the impact that thousands of extra plastic bags have on the ocean and bays. 

That's why I started  the Pact Box and created these beautiful carryalls. They're so stylish you'll want to take them everywhere, and they're so handy to use, you'll never want to use another plastic or paper shopping bag ever again.

I hope you'll join me in making your own personal pact with the oceans and using a Pact Box every time you shop.


All the best,

Nicole Betuel

Founder of The Pact Box

our pact with the environment and you

We believe in full transparency, especially when it comes to our environmental mission. And we like to make it simple. That's why, for every PACT product we sell, we donate one dollar to selected organizations with a proven track record for helping to save our oceans, our water, the environment, and endangered species. We are delighted to partner with SEEturtles.org for our first product launch, the Pact Box. Future products (coming soon) will support similar organizations worldwide.


That’s our mission, our pledge, and our pact with you. 

Food is one Of life's great pleasures.

Food shopping should be a pleasure too.

The Pact Box makes it so easy, you'll never want to use another plastic or paper shopping bag again -- ever.  It's better for your food and better for our oceans. The Pact Box is the perfect combination of shopping, style, and sustainability. 

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