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Every Pact Box sold helps preserve sea turtle nesting beaches worldwide.

When we researched organizations that help make a difference in our oceans and marine life, we were happy to discover They're an active, hands-on organization that's dedicated to helping save sea turtle nesting beaches and hatchlings worldwide. They accomplish these goals through unique conservation and volunteer trips, educational programs and their Billion Baby Turtles initiative.


According to their research, six of seven sea turtles species are currently endangered or threatened. They estimate that our donation for every Pact Box sold helps them save five hatchlings around the world.


Plastic bags are a direct threat to sea turtle survival. They often mistake these floating plastics as jellyfish to feed on. The only way to prevent this is to eliminate as many plastic bags as we possibly can. 

You can help by choosing to reuse. The longer your bag lasts, the more you'll use it—and the more bags you save from ever reaching our oceans. We hope you'll join us in our efforts to protect our oceans by using your Pact Box every day.

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